Thursday, July 2, 2009

3, 2, 1 Blast-off

Earlier in the week, just before bed as Junior and I were saying our goodnights, we got a little sidetracked, something Junior often does to avoid going to bed, and we started discussing the rockets on his new PJs. This discussion has led to a big interest in rockets so this week we have been doing lots of rocket related thing.
We put some new stary sheets on the bed to go with the PJs.
And after a quick search of Kids Craft weekly for inspiration we made cardboard roll rockets and did lots of space themed colouring which we cut out and pasted on a night sky collage.
We watched Wallace and Gromit's "A Grand Day Out" (always a favorite with Mum and Dad too) and we have been making all sorts of green space monster with some home made play-doh.
We have even attempted to make a rocket in the playroom but it isn't nearly as good as hubbys pirate ship from the other weekend.
We are also thinking of making star cookies tomorrow after a trip to the library in search of rocket themed books. After all this rocketing I think I'm a bit burnt out - perhaps we will have to move on to another theme next week.

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