Friday, July 10, 2009

Bread dough and Play-doh

Well it's Friday already and I don't know where the week has gone. It has been a week of sunshine and rain - unfortunately more of the later than the former, so we are all going a bit stir-crazy.

We have played with the Lego, the trains, puzzles, jigsaws, cards, boggle junior, watched far too many DVD's, had the neighbours over for morning tea and in the sunny patches ridden the bike around the yard and played in the cubby. However, much to our dogs discussed, we have only maaged two trips to the park for a play.
Anyway, given that today is again more rain than sunshine it seemed like a good day for baking. I have baked a few batches of biscuits and muffins with Junior as well as the odd pizza but I should try a few more savoury things to encourage his interest in real food not just treats. So today, thanks to Jennifer for supplying a simple White Batter Bread recipe, I made my first loaf of bread.
It wasn't 100% successful - I needed a slightly bigger loaf tin and I should have buttered the tin more because I had trouble getting it out of the tin, but all in all it wasn't bad for a first attempt.
Junior certainly enjoyed it with butter and jam for lunch - perhaps it isn't that savoury after all!
We have since had a request for homemade jam and current buns too - what have I got myself into?

Junior also did a spot of cooking today - he mixed up a fresh batch of play-doh and enjoyed playing with it on the patio during a short burst of sunshine.
Now that Bub is napping the sun is out again but I don't think it will last long enough to make it to the park when he wakes up - our poor dog will be very disappointed.