Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The breakfast apron

Like all my boys, Puggle has preferred to feed himself pretty much right from the start. For a long time he has also resisted any attempt on my part to get him to wear a bib. I do love his independents but I'm not quite so keen on all the mess.
I struggle to find good breakfast options for my youngest boys who are usually far too busy to sit still for more than a minute or two in the mornings. So I'm very happy that Puggle has become a fan of my breakfast porridge with blueberries.
However, it usually mean that a complete change of clothes is  needed after he has had his breakfast. 
 Last week, after having to change his clothes pretty much after every meal, I decided that perhaps an apron was in order. It is a bit harder to pull straight off than a bib and has the extra length which is needed to collect the little pile that gathers in his lap.
There is still plenty of cleaning up to do but hopefully a little less washing in the pile! Perhaps I need to make a few more of these little aprons.

Wordless Wednesday - On the mend

My boys have been unwell but I think they are finally on the mend. Hope you are enjoying your week!