Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Annabel inspiration

Last Saturday Junior and I went to the Library to exchange some books and, only days after reading Zooarchaeologist post on Annabel Karmel pasta, what should I find in the kids section but these two new books.
Of course I had to bring them home and try them. I have made Pizza with Junior quite a few times but we have recently fallen into the habit of spending Friday evenings at the Italian restaurant at the end of the street eating there wood-fire pizza rather than making our own.
So after looking through our new library books we decided to make pizza again.
This is one of Juniors favourite meals so he was quite happy to help out with the mixing, kneading and rolling ...
... and of course the eating.Bon appetite.


  1. See if you can get AK's 100 finger foods for kids im reviewing it soon. I have had it out of our ibrary and it has the most lovely stuff including a lovely lovely lamb Kofta.
    My cheesecake is from an AK book. I think she is great. Junior doesnt look too impressed with his pizza though!

  2. I will have a look for 100 finger foods for kids.

    I know it isn't a very good photo of junior but all the ones of him actually eating were blurry because he kept on moving about and pulling silly faces. He did eat a couple of adult sized slices though so he must have liked it - you know straight away if he doesn't!