Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Last month Junior turned 6! Where did those years go? I can't believe how fast it has gone or how long it has taken me to actually publish this post! (The last few weeks have really got away from me). Anyway we started the day with candles and the birthday song over breakfast and then prepared for the party.
 Junior requested a Nijago themed party and has been asking for this for some time. My suggestion of putting some of his Lego figures on the cake didn't go down well so in the end I found a lego figure ice cube mould online and made chocolate lego men to decorate the cake. I even set some in little disks of chocolate in an attempt at making Ninjago spinners!

 The lego men also decorated the cupcakes and I printed up some Ninjago eyes to decorate the Jelly cups and take home bags.
 I found some free printables for the water bottles and got the boys busy making Lego brick containers to hold straws, napkins etc. Aussie Dad even built me a Lego cake stand. Lots of fun.
We kept the party guests entertained with a spinner hunt, musical spinners and a spoon and lego brick race. Lots of fun and giggles for the birthday boy, his friends and family. Happy Birthday my big boy!