Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spin art

A few weeks ago I read a couple of blogs that talked about salad spinner art. I have been trying to source some liquid watercolours to try this out with Junior but haven't been able to buy any locally - I will have to order some online. So today we tried some spin art with Crayola finger paints instead.
Because the paint is thick and gloopy it needs to be added fairly evenly to the centre of the paper or the paper tends to flick up and end up at one side of the spinner but apart from that it seemed to work ok. The only other problem we had is that our salad spinner is a bit stiff so Junior need some assistance with the spinning but this didn't dampen his enthusiasm.
I'm sure there could have been a physics lesson in this art project somewhere but we were having too much fun just making pretty patterns to talk science today!
If I get some liquid water colours I will try them too but this seems to be a good use for the finger paints which always just end up as a big green blob when we try and use them for their intended purpose.


  1. I think these turned out great. Love the brightness of them. E loves salad spinners so we must try this.

  2. Will have to have a go at this one! What happens if you chuck a lettuce leaf in too, do you get all nice spidery patterns?

  3. Not sure about the lettuce but perhaps if I use food colouring and leafy greens I might be able to convince Junior to try some salad occasionally :)