Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the Bag

I was recently tagged by the lovely Claire at Life Through the Slim Lens to reveal what is in my bag. As a busy mum of two boys I'm afraid there isn't very much exciting in there. My everyday bag is a plain Cellini handbag which I have had for a few years and I unfortunately don't have a romantic tale of how hubby whisked me off to Florence to buy it (lucky you Claire). Mine just came from a local department store.
Anyway to the contents - it doubles as a nappy bag on my home days and a work bag on the couple of days each week I try to maintain my career.
You caught me on a mummy day so there is the change mat, nappies and wipes, toddler snacks, sunscreen and water bottles what acompany us just about every where - On work days these are replaced by my work pass, keys and lunchbox.
And pretty much all the time I have my wallet, phone, camera, diary (I know but I'm an old fashioned girl), a couple of pens, hairbrush, lippy and chap stick. Not much room left for any very girly stuff these days!I do have a selection of nappy bags including a nice OiOi bag which was a favorite when Junior was a bub, but once I went back to work part-time it found it's way into the cupboard with the others.

So I now pass this on to;
Zooarcheologist at Being a Mummy (I almost included Dadda Cool as well but though he might not appreciate it),
Cartside at Mummy do that (who has just had some great news), and
Kat at Slugs on the Refridgerator (if she actually has the time to blog at the moment between being a mum to a gorgeous little boy and having a baby!).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little present

For Christmas I bought myself a copy of Amanda Soule's Handmade Home and for sometime I have been promising to make Junior a treasure bag for collecting shells and other treasures at the beach. When I asked him what we should make for a friends 2nd Birthday he immediately said "a treasure bag" so that has been our little project this week. I think his motivation was that if I made one as a present then I would finally get around to making him one as well - so that is what we did.Junior helped with stamping a little fabric label for the bag and then I spent an evening whipping up a little mesh bag out of tulle with some bias binding around the top and some cute belting for straps. Very simple and a very cute wrapper for a copy of the Magic Beach by Alison Lester - one of our favourite books! Of course every little princess needs a birthday crown so we made one of those too. Hope she likes it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Off the diving board

Junior has always loved jumping into the pool. Since he was around 2 and a half has been happy to launch him-self of the 1m board at our local swimming pool he his dad is waiting in the pool below.

I always find this amazing given he still hates getting his face wet when we wash his hair and he really doesn't like floating on his back during swimming lessons. What a strange complex little creature he is!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone - hope you all enjoyed it and were suitably spoilt.
We had a nice low key day with a beautiful collage from Junior, Berry pancakes with strawberries and cream for breakfast followed by a bike ride along the river and a play at the park. We finished the day with a swim in the neighbours pool - a nice way to round of the weekend.

Hello again

Hello again - sorry I have been quiet for a little while. No excuses really - I haven't been off on some exotic holiday - just busy doing normal stuff.

Junior has just started Kindy which has been very exciting for us all and he loves it. He is also taking swimming lessons again and I have been busy at work too. We have been doing lots of drawing and painting and Junior figures now have lots more body parts and his treasure maps are getting more and more intricate. I'm even planning a little crafty project (I haven't done much for a while and have been missing it). I have managed to find some cute little boys fabrics for a change so no excuses now - wish me luck.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Strawberries aplenty!

The other thing that Hubby and Junior bought back from Albany ws strawberries. Lots, and lots of strawberries.

So we have been busy in the kitchen, washing cutting, eating and making ....
Strawberry Jam, ... and ...
... Strawberry Icecream. I'm not a fan of strawberry flavoured icecream but home made with real fruit is something completely different. Very Yummy.

The boys are back

Hubby, Junior and Jackdog are back from their trip to Albany and this is what they returned with...
... a piano for our dinning room. Isn't she beautiful? The boys certainly think she is lots of fun.
I think we will wait a few weeks for the novelty to wear off before we phone the piano tuner but in the mean time we are all enjoying a bit of tinkering (and in Bubs case a bit of banging as well)!