Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New (Financial) Years Resolution

The 1st of July is the beginning of the New Financial (Tax) Year in Australia so I have been thinking about a few New Years Resolutions. I could include helping Bub learn to sleep-through (perhaps just setting myself up for failure here) or helping Junior finally relinquish the night time security nappy. Junior gave up daytime nappies six months ago but is not keen on giving up the night time one - I think it is a bit too cold for getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet at the moment.

However, inspired by Zooarcheologists sewing suggestions I have decided on a much more personal and outstanding task to make my New Years Resolution. It is this .... to finish the patchwork quilt I began many years ago, pre-babies when I had a life which prevented me spending much time at home where I could be doing things such as craft. Given that Junior goes to daycare a couple of days a week, so I only have Bub at home, I really have no excuse for not getting the sewing machine out and finishing it off. Preferably before I return to work or I will never get it finished.

I guess my problem is that I'm just not as gifted in the craftiness department as many of my fellow mummy bloggers and perhaps I was a bit ambitious choosing a quilt for my first patchwork project but I was enticed by the lovely fabrics and my best fiends urging that it would be very easy. My friend is an experienced quilter and obviously much more motivated as she has completed at least half a dozen full size quilts plus numerous other sewing projects in the years it has taken me to almost complete one quilt top.
So now I have shared my resolution with the blogging world I had better get the sewing machine out and get quilting ... hopefully I will be able to show you some photos of the completed quilt in the not too distant future. Wish me luck.

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