Thursday, July 23, 2009

A busy week

Well it has been a busy week for Aussie Mum and my boys. Bub had his first experience of day-care with two short days on Monday and Tuesday. He was way too interested in his new surroundings to do very much sleeping but apart from that he seemed quite happy and managed much better than his mum.
Wednesday was play-group and then we all popped into the Kindy Open Day where Junior is enrolled for 4 year old kindy next year. Junior could have stayed all afternoon but we were eating into Bubs nap time so we had to leave early. I also had a Mothers Group dinner in the evening. It was a lovely night out but a late night on top of 7 months of regular night time waking means I'm still trying to recover!

Thursday was playdate visitors and a trip to the park and Friday was Juniors swimming lesson and an early evening pizza at the local Italian with the neighbours. Sigh .... a nice week but sometimes it feels like my little family is growing up so fast that I need to slow down a bit. Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.


  1. Thanks for your graceful support of us two-time invaders into your sanity! We always enjoy seeing you all!

  2. We always enjoy seeing you too. Junior loves having a couple of little playmates so close by and I enjoy having a cuppa and a chat with someone who doesn't want me to be a pirate or an astronaut!