Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buzz Boy

The dress-up box is a big hit with many of the three year olds in our playgroup and Junior has been quietly interested in its content for a few weeks now. He started out with a fireman costume and tried a couple of the fairy dresses which are a big hit with the girls but he was pretty nonplussed with it all until last week when he discovered the Buzz Lightyear costume.Now he is a changed boy. For the past two weeks he has dug this costume out from the bottom of the basket and when he puts it on a strange transformation take place. He doesn't just looks like Buzz, he takes on the character as well and rockets around the place with a new found confidence which the usually Junior doesn't always express in larger groups!
Imaginative play is such a joy to watch and this week I managed to capture a couple of photos - alas a little blurry in places because Buzz doesn't sit still for very long!


  1. How sweet and so boyish! You'll have to get one for home...

  2. I love the pic of him on the chair...what a fab smile!