Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yummy Stars and more Rockets

We did finally get round to making some star biscuits for our rocket themed week. We used this Donna Hay Gingerbread recipie from hop skip jump. Junior liked the rolling and cutting - just like play-doh really and of course he liked the taste test. Bub observed from the sidelines but would have loved to have got his fingers in that sticky mix.
And this weekend hubby joined in the theme and built a lego duplo rocket ship and launch pad which Junior was very pleased with.


  1. The gingerbread looks like the most scrumptious thing ever. Can I have some please? I cant make any we dont have any ingredients in the cupboard

  2. That's the worst part about going on holidays - coming home to a pile of washing and no food in the house! The ginger bread is very easy and doesn't need much to make. I made the mix with Bub while Junior was at the pool with hubby and when they got home we took it out of the fridge and rolled it out ready to bake. Very easy.