Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shape sorter painting

Yesterday I was after a quick and relatively simple painting activity for Rascal so I grabbed some paint and the shapes from Puggles shape sorter.
Rascal was quite happy stamping away telling me about the colours and shapes he was using.
However it didn't take long before he just wanted to try a little bit of finger painting instead - always popular with my tactile boys!
What is your favourite quick and simple painting activity? 

Monday, March 26, 2012


The weeks are just flying by with Easter holidays rapidly approaching. My weekends just seem to disappear. The farmers market, kids activities, dinner out with girlfriends and then Sunday morning at the park with my boys, their bikes and a skateboard - loads of fun! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Favourite Things

My dear friend and ex-neighbour is about to move internationally so last night she organised a favourite things dinner at one of her favourite restaurants. The idea of a favourite things party is to think of one of your favourite  thing with costs less than $5 and then take along 5 of them to swap with other guests. I have been trying to avoid too much sugar so I decided on tea (rather than chocolate) and made up these little gifts with a tea infuser and a small sample of my favourite Melbourne Breakfast tea. We all had a lovely evening and took home a sweet little stash of gifts to make our week a little more special. Thank you  Jennifer - we are all going to miss you so much. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Aussie Dad! xxxxx

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fort Friday

This morning before school the boys got busy with some outdoor play equipment, an old car cover, some pegs and bulldog clips.
They made a rocket to go to the moon - complete with moon buggy and digital imaging equipment. Such a shame to drag them away for the school run but it will still be there when they get home!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching up?

It has been months since I have found time to write in this space. I don't really have any excuses other than life with three boys is VERY 'busy'. Puggle in particular is very active at the moment, which is lovely to watch but exhausting. We had a nice break over Christmas and I planned to get back into blogging in the New Year but time got away from me and it is March already - nearly our Autumn equinox here in the southern hemisphere (although you wouldn't believe it with the heat-way we have been having)!
So what have I been up to? Well nothing particular special. Just the usually working, parenting, cooking, cleaning, and, since Junior has started year 1, we seem to have spent an awful lot of time doing homework and after school activities!
Anyway, with all the focus on Junior and school of late I thought it was time that I dedicated a bit more time to Rascal and Puggle. We have started attending Toddler Gym once a week, (which they both love) and we have been attending a local playgroup each week. I have also been reading up on craft activities for the boys and I have subscribed to Productive Parenting and listened to a few Raising Playful Tots pod casts to provide a little inspiration.
The biggest problem I'm having at the moment is finding activities which all three boys can do together. Puggle still likes to put everything in his mouth so any activities with art supplies (even markers, crayons or chalk) needs to be very closely supervised or he will eat the supplies which really upsets Rascal - and once Rascal is upset things can degenerate very quickly. It makes life interesting and I just have to remember that it won't be too long and he will be beyond the "eating everything" stage and into the "I'm a 2 year old and I'm not going to eat anything" phase!