Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wishful thinking

I have just been reading a wonderful post by Kat at Slugs on the Refrigerator. So often she puts so eloquently the thoughts that many mums have, and today she hit the mark once again.

I have had a week of ciaos. Both my boys have yet another cold and as a result they have both been out of sorts and competing with each other for my attention. Bub is teething and seems to be going through his first real bout of separation anxiety. My usually happy baby boy wants to be picked up and carried constantly and is inconsolable whenever I leave the room - crawling after me and crying (a lot!). As a result our house is a mess, I feel totally disorganised and I'm starting to think it would be lovely to have a little time and space of my own to retreat to.

Last night Bub had a terrible night with a fever and not very much sleeping. I spent most of the night in his room trying to settle him or attempting to nap on the sofa. After his 7am feed and a dose of paracetamol, Bub looked ready to crash so I tucked him up in bed with Hubby so I could start the day shift with Junior. Hubby and Bub didn't wake until 9am when the phone rang and Bub was back in bed by 10.30. I have no idea where our day will head now but hopeful my baby will be feeling better soon and I can try and restore some normality to this household. Wish me luck.

PS - I hadn't intended this post to be so negative so I will share some of the nice things from our week soon.

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  1. I wish you didn't live so far away, we could put all the kids in one house and one of us could have a break!!