Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gotta love our library

The boys and I took a quick visit to the local library yesterday and I happened to mention to the librarian that Junior is an avid reader but that Bub was far too busy for such sedinatary persuits. He only engages briefly when I try to read to him and only seems interested in books with pictures of babies in them.
We try to restrict screen time for the boys and I managed this well with Junior for the first couple of year - as a result he really likes his books. I don't think he saw any TV for the first 12 months of his life and it was sometime before he knew that there was more on than the cricket (generally the only time TV is on much during the daytime here is when a test is on and hubby just can't help himself).
However, once Junior discovered Play School there was no turning back and now every afternoon (when bub has his afternoon nap) Junior announces what he would like to watch for his quiet time. I know this isn't idea but it gives me a chance to catchup on a few chores and organise dinner.
Anyway, on mentioning the difficulties of reading to my second boy (mainly due to the distractions an older brother provide) our friendly local librarian recommended a couple of books and also gave me this fabulous Better Beginnings bag full of lots of useful information, activities and a great baby book (all free!). This really made my day - that and the fact that I also picked up a book to keep me happy this weekend too. Happy Reading!

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