Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bub on a bike

This afternoon was sunny and just perfect for a picnic at the river and a bike ride.
This was Bubs' first time on the back of my bike and he seemed to enjoy it - although he wasn't too keen on wearing the bike helmet.
Now that hubby has given the bikes a service and Bub has had his maiden ride we are all set for a lot more family cycling.


  1. Love the idea of taking little ones riding. Hoping to take Immy soon as I just got a bike, any recommendations on bike seats for toddlers?

  2. We have two Beto baby seats (for childre 6 months to 4.5 years) and they seem fine for both Junior and Bub. Friend of ours have a Weeride for their 15 month old which they love (the seat is in front of you so the little one gets a good view and you can keep an eye on them). I haven't tried many but I think Choice Magazine has done a recent review if you are keen to learn more.