Saturday, October 31, 2009

Princes, Pirates and too many sweets

After reading The Creative Family recently, I have been thinking about making a little felt crown for Bubs first birthday. Today I decided to make one early so that I could use it for his Halloween costume as well. It was super quick and easy and I was reasonably happy with the results. All it took was a little bit of felt ...
some ribbon (or whatever else you would like to decorate it with) ...
and a little bit of child free time (thanks hubby) and I had nice little crown for my little prince to wear.
Off course I had to make a little cape as well but that didn't stay on very long - it gets in the way off all that crawling, climbing, cruising and standing practice that seems to fill every waking minute of bubs day.
Junior of course opted for the pirate look but I think I might have to make him a little crown too.

1 comment:

  1. Your crown came out so well! Bub is such a handsome prince! I have loved the birthday crowns since I first cracked my copy of Creative Family...but unlike you, I haven't been together enough to actually make one yet. You have inspired me!