Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Science Week

I'm feeling a little guilty because this is National Science Week in Australia and despite me having a Science background we haven't been doing anything sciencey. So today to make amends we had a little nature walk around our backyard looking for snails, ants, spiders, slaters, bees and other creepy crawlies.
We also updated our "birds in our backyard" list which we have been keeping for a while but haven't got very far with. At the park today we also noticed a Mudlark, which we often see in our backyard, building a nest - looks like spring is on the way! We will have to take a closer look at our resident Mudlarks to see if we can find another nest under construction.

1 comment:

  1. We went to South Bank Science Center in Brisbane where we found out it was science week.
    I love the idea of "birds we found in our backyard" list. I can see my kids painting up a list in the next few days.