Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost crawling

Bub is on the verge of crawling and has been for weeks. His older brother hated tummy time and didn't show any signs of crawling until he was 8 months old - then he decided to make a determined effort. Junior started rolling then rocking and within what seemed like a week he was off on all fours at a tremendous pace. He hasn't looked back.
Bub is an entirely different little fellow. He has never minded being on his tummy and started rolling front to back at around three months - although he still hasn't managed the reverse manoeuvre very well. He has been up on all fours rocking for several months and much to his frustration he has been going backward ever since.
He now has at least mastered changing direction (even if it is often going backward) and seems to move around the floor quite a lot with a combination of rocking, backwards crawling, sitting up and then changing direction so now at least he doesn't become jammed in corners or under the sofa quite so much. This has made him much happier with himself.
I took these photos on the weekend because he has finally managed to make a few proper forward crawling movements although not at any great speed yet and he often gets frustrated and lurches himself forward or tries a commando crawl type action instead.
I was thinking he would be racing around the house by the end of the week but alas a lurgy (cold / flu type bug) has taken hold and the poor little fellow is too exhausted to do more that shuffle around the carpet a little before giving up and needing a little nap.
Hopefully he will be all recovered and back to his usual happy self very soon. In the meantime I think I should finish baby proofing all those corners of the house which I had forgotten about until now.

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  1. I would forget about baby proofing, Fifi is crawling now and Sam undoes all my baby proofing work and actively puts dangerous things in her path.
    He looks so happy with himself- bless! xxx