Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love that cubby

We bought a cubby house kit for Juniors 3 birthday a few months back and what a good investment it has been. It is tucked in a corner just off our patio area so it is really squeezed in but because this is the outdoor area we use most, it seemed the best place to put it.
Even though Junior is a big independent 3 year old now he still likes to be close to his mum and dad and here he can potter around to his hearts content and entertain his friends on play-dates while hubby and I enjoy a BBQ or a cuppa outside in the fresh air.
It isn't very large inside but big enough to fit two or three little ones and it has a table and chairs and small kitchen setting so he often prepares me cups of tea or cooks brunch.
Hubby also bought an old phone from the office the other day so now he often "phones up" his friends to invite them over.
Because it's raised off the ground he can look out the window and see who is coming down the street (we are on a corner block so there are no neighbours on that side of the house to be offended by him peering over the fence). He will often call out to people he knows walking down the street and gives them a big wave.When we bought the cubby kit to build it seemed very decadent but I think both he and his little brother will get many years off fun out of it and when they out grow it Hubby plans to install a beer fridge and foxtel and use it as his own personal retreat.


  1. Do you think we can come and stay in that? It looks so fab Sam would be very jealous. Sometimes its worth investing the money isn't it.

  2. In this case it has been. Hopefully he will continue to enjoy it for a long time yet.