Monday, August 17, 2009

Doggy Holiday

Long before Junior and Bub came into our lives, Jack was our first baby. Back then he got lots of attention - walks every day, regular brushing and he was showered with pats and positive attention. Because of this he is a very well socialised and well behaved member of our family but lately he really has been missing out on his share of the attention.
I still try and give him a walk each day but this doesn't always happened and when it does it is often a trip to the local playground so Junior can play or occasionally a quick lap around the block once the kids are in bed. The kids do play with him as well although I don't think he really enjoys being used as a horse or a lounge chair. Anyway, one time we do try and make up for his lack of attention is when we go on holidays to my parent's farm or we visit hubby's folks who have a small property on the south coast.
Well we have a family holiday coming up, we are heading North to Exmouth for a little winter sun and a beach holiday but unfortunatly Jack won't be able to come with us so he is having a little doggy holiday of his own. This weekend Bub and I took him down to the farm where he will have 3 weeks of swimming in the river or dam, rolling in mud, getting in the way while my Mum is trying to do stock work and generally having a doggy good time.
I do hope he has a great time and doesn't miss us all too much. However, I know when we come back he will enjoy returning to one little luxury he does get at home - sneaking inside at night and snuggling up on the rug (or occasionally even making it onto the bed).


  1. Isn't he completely gorgeous....hope you don't miss him too much. have fun on the farm Jack

  2. Love this last picture! I am still laughing!