Thursday, August 13, 2009

More bubble painting

This morning Junior and I tried a little more bubble painting but this time using the more usual tequnique of putting detergent, water and colour (we used food colouring) in a container ...... blowing with a straw to make lots of bubbles and ...
... then placing the paper over the top. The results were quite pretty.


  1. Hello

    I noticed that you left a comment on The Artful Parent Blog and as a fellow Aussie I felt compelled to pop over to your blog for a visit.

    We recently tried the bubble painting, but were not that successful. Your works of art look fantastic.

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by to say hello.

    Sorry to hear your bubble painting didn't work out. We have tried a couple of different projects and they have all been fun - Junior and I both love playing with bubbles and we are always looking for new craft projects.