Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally Finished

After many years of procrastination I have finally finished the quilt I started on long before Junior came into our lives. This was my first attempt at patchwork and quilting and despite many offers from a friend to finish it for me, I was determined to do it all myself. What should have taken me a couple of months actually took many year but I'm glad I finally finished it myself (even if it is a little beyond my New Financial Years Resolution Date from last year).
It is super warm, made with soft autumn coloured flannelette fabric with a wool blanket for batting. It is actually destined to be a sofa throw for the winter rather than a quilt because I'm sick of Aussie Dad dragging a doona (duvet) into the lounge every evening to snuggle up on the sofa with.
Earlier this year I did a quilting course at a local fabric shop to find out how I should have gone about this project. The course made me realise just how many mistakes I had made with my first quilt and resulted in a sweet little quilt for Junior's bed. It also gave me the confidence to finally finish off my first quilting project.
Now I just have to get organised and start work on a similar kids quilt for Bub. I only have about 6 weeks until our next bundle of joy arrives so wish me luck! Hopefully the next quilt won't take quite as long as my first.


  1. 6 weeks already! Gosh how exciting! The quilts look absolutely fantastic, i'm amazed at how you found the time. xx

  2. It looks great, Aussie Mum! Congratulations! You must feel so relieved to have that hefty project off your to-do list at last...and can start enjoying it each time your eye lands on its lovely colors. I think you can do Bub's quilt before baby Bubbalicious makes a debut! Our class was meant to be six weeks, and we were meant to finish the quilt in that time. Should we challenge each other to keep up to the quilting class schedule? We could both have a new quilt in six weeks' time! What do you say? Start today?

  3. Sounds like a great idea - I have the fabric sitting on the table waiting for me to start cutting (but it has been waiting there for 24 hours already) so I better make a start tonight!