Monday, July 12, 2010

Hand Art

A few weeks ago I can across a little book called Hand Art while looking for a birthday present for one of Juniors Kindy friends.
A copy came home for us as well and every now and then when I'm looking for a little art project to fill in a bit of time we dig it out and try a few more of the hand art projects.
It is such a simple idea but lots of fun and Junior finds it very easy to follow the pictures although he usually gets me to help him trace his hand and then he gets stuck in with the colouring and collage parts of the project.


  1. I haven't come across the hand art one, but those Klutz books are really great, we have a threading one and a tape one - very handy to keep children busy.

  2. I will have to look out for the threading Klutz book - I haven't come across that yet but I'm sure both the boys would love it!