Sunday, July 11, 2010

A little art in the afternoon

Since Junior started Kindy we have been doing very little art at home because he seems to do so much at Kindy and it really is a bit of a challenge to do much with Bub constantly re-organising any art activities we try to tackle.
We used to keep the "messy" art projects for when Bub takes his daytime nap but I have fallen into a habit of letting Junior watch some TV while I get on with dinner preparation and other household chores during this time. While it is nice to get a chance to do a few things without constant interruptions the amount of nagging for TV at other times has increase as a result.
Therefore on Monday we skipped the early afternoon TV time and I asked Junior what he would like to do instead. "Squash Painting" was his reply. I took this to mean some Paint blot art and set him up with paint and folded paper

He happily produced about half a dozen "butterfly" paintings and then we moved on to a little watercolour painting as well.
We haven't got rid of the nap time TV altogether but hopefully we will have a bit more variety in our week from now on.

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