Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We play puzzles

Lately Junior has taken to keeping himself entertained with some puzzles while I read Rascal his bedtime stories . He has been working his way through our large selection of jigsaw puzzles and this week I also down loaded a nice matching game from Made by Joel, a blog I discovered recently. Junior particularly liked the matching game, and colouring it in afterward, so I would love to know of any other sources of these online. What puzzles and games have you been playing lately? “Come over and play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up”


  1. LOVE, LOVE LOVE Made by Joel! My next Joel project is deifinitely the marble run :)

    How old is your son? I wasn't sure if my Princess would take to this one, but perhaps I will print it down before she wakes up and give it a try.

    Can't say I have seen them elsewhere on line, but you could perhaps do/find some pictures and scan them, then produce a negative of it using a photo type program??

  2. I love "Made by Joel" too. I want a Joel to make me stuff!

  3. Yes isn't "Made by Joel" fantastic! Junior is 4 years old but he found the matching game very easy so I'm sure much younger children will enjoy it too. He also enjoyed colouring in the little figures after matching them up.

  4. We did Joel's paper city last week (posted about it on the Friday) and it worked well with my 7 yo nephew, not so well with my almost 4 yo daughter.

    She has been self-occupied today, so I will try this activity on her next "boring" day LOL