Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last minute Advent calendars

I am so disorganised this year that everything seems to be last minute. Yesterday the boys worked on an advent calendar along the same lines as last years although Junior was in charge this time and did the bulk of the work himself.
 I did plan to make something a little more elaborate this year but time just got away from me.
Then this morning I saw this delightful Tea advent bunting and I had to make a couple for my dear tea drinking girl friends - not quite as elegant as I would have liked but I was working with whatever I had to hand and dragged the boys to the supermarket after school to pick up some extra teabags.
I just have to deliver them tonight so they arrive in time for December 1!
 The madness of the festive season has officially begun! PS Yes I did make a beer advent for Aussie Dad as well!


  1. What a wonderful wonderful surprise on such a rough, rough day! Thank you, gorgeous Aussie Mum! Your tea-drinking girlfriends are very lucky in so many ways!

  2. You are one very creative, thoughtful Aussie Mom!