Monday, November 29, 2010

Advent Calendar 2010

I have been feeling particularly un-Christmassy this year but Junior is constantly reminding me that Christmas will soon be here so I have finally got around to making a few things.
Last week Junior and I started our Advent Calendar - this year I decided to use up a pile of toilet rolls which have been sitting in the useful box for a while.
I love this calendar I saw at maya*made last year, so we made a similar one and it was super easy. (She has made an even cuter calendar this year but it is a little more complicated for little hands). Junior helped me staple the bottom of the rolls to make a little pocket. Then we painted them with a roller and some white acrylic paint. To finish them off we stuck on a little red star and numbered then with a red pen. I printed out our list of activities adding one to each pocket as well as a little treat for Junior and Rascal.
Then we pegged them to a red ribbon using miniature clothes pegs. Done! Now I just have to get started on my Christmas present list - Sigh!

What Christmas crafts have you been sharing with your kids lately. “Come over and play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up”


  1. I really like the simplicity of this advent calendar. Was wondering what sorts of activities you included

  2. I usually include a mix of craft activities (making christmas decorations, cards etc.), family activites (going to the beach or pool or attending carols in the park), cooking (gingerbread, ice-cream)and Christmas parties (ie playgroup or work family parties).

    I also include some low key things like reading Christmas books or watching a Christmas movie for days when we have a lot on or we are travelling to visit family. One of my favorites is painting our toe-nails Christmas colours because it is one of the few girly things I get to do with my boys!

  3. These look really fab. I did knitted stockings on a string like you have done. Hopefully they won't fall apart and I can use them again next year!.

  4. What a cute idea! I love that he helped make them.

  5. How fantastic! The humble old toilet paper looks so great as an Advent Calendar.

  6. That is a wonderful idea, and if we hadn't already started working on the Christmas toilet roll army we would probably have had enough toilet rolls to do this!

  7. That looks super. And I love your comment above about the nail painting :)

    Last Christmas, I felt exactly like you do. My tip, do as much of your Christmas shopping online as you can (stay away from the stops!), pop on some carols and enjoy time simply absorbing Junior's enthusiasm.