Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in the box?

With Junior starting Kindy this year, comes the dilemma of deciding what goes in his lunch box. He takes a piece of fruit to share for morning tea every day and thankfully he is a pretty good eater, but like all littlies there are a number of things he "doesn't like" (like fresh tomato or lettuce - although he will happily eat tomatoes when they are cooked in something!).
So far he has been pretty happy with a standard sandwich but I'm sure that will get pretty boring after a few months. The request most days has been for ham, cheese, carrot and beetroot sandwiches - an interesting combination but all good stuff and given that he is happy with wholemeal bread I'm not complaining. We have also resorted to vegemite and cheese a couple of times when the fridge was looking a little empty. He will also snack on carrot sticks and hummus for dipping, or a boiled egg which is handy.

However, he has already let me know that some of the kids take packets of Tiny Teddies or Milky Way bars as part of their lunch so I have also included home made mini-muffin a couple of times. I have been thinking of trying him with some pasta salad or zucchini slice but I'm not sure he will like savoury slice cold for lunch. I'm looking for inspiration for ways to pack an interesting and nutritious lunchbox. Any suggestions or links to other sites would be great so please me know what you have been making your littlies for lunch.

So far I have found and The vegan lunchbox - any other suggestions?

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  1. Pasta salad? especially if he likes raw carrot & beetroot.

    I think you are right to try & avoid the little choc bars but a home made cake or other little sweet item is a nice compromise. Children need fat & sugar too!