Monday, March 22, 2010

A change of season

After a very hot and dry summer here in WA, it finally feels a little like Autumn might be on the way. The evenings are getting a little cooler (just about perfect for me) and thoughts are moving from the beach or pool to other things.
I have finally got around to making Junior a new batch of play dough - blue this time to replace the red batch we made for Christmas.
I went shopping this morning to buy some new clothes for Junior as last years long sleave shirts and PJ's are definitely a bit on the small side.
And we are starting to think about easter. I had my first attempt at blowing eggs so that Junior and I could make a couple of marbled eggs to decorate the table (along with some store bought decorations)
... and there is much talk of easter egg hunts and when the easter bunny (or bilby) will visit. Hope you are enjoying the change of season.

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