Monday, March 29, 2010

Our week

When I wrote my post last week about a change of season, I had no idea that a few hours later we would be experiencing a hail storm - neither did hubby who got caught in it riding his motorbike home from work.
Luckily he found a place to shelter and made it home wet and a little battered but otherwise fine. Just as well because it was his birthday the next day so we needed him in one piece to blow out the candles (with Junior and Bubs help of course).
The rest of the week has just flown by with lots of cleaning up the garden- the hail storm was one of the worst to hit Perth in years, and a few preparations for Easter.
One major milestone for the week is Bub's sudden interest in joining his brother in drawing. Bub does still chew the crayons a little but is quite interested in scribbling as well now! I just love watching those little chubby fingers trying to grasp the crayons!

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