Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drawing Big

I have been hoarding some big thick pieces of cardboard which I salvaged from the packaging when we had our solar panels installed and on the weekend Junior asked if we could draw a big tree on one of them.
I sketched out a very rough tree and let the boys loose with crayons, markers, scissors, paper and glue .... and their imaginations.
They both had a fantastic time drawing birds, bugs, butterflies, leaves and bark
My only problem now is working out where to hang their masterpiece!
What recyclables have your kids been playing with this week? “Come over and play at the Childhood 101We Play link up”
play academy


  1. Great use for a HUGE box! I love big art! I'm so glad you played with us today at It's Playtime!"

  2. Seriously, is there anything that can't be done with a box!

  3. <3 the bird in the tree, that is too precious.

  4. How lovely! We've done some BIG art recently too and the girls have really enjoyed having so much space to create. Thanks for sharing this idea with the Play Academy.