Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gone Solar

Well there has been much excitement in the Aussie household this week because, after several years of talking about it, we have finally "gone solar". We have made many changes to our home over the past couple of years (more efficient lighting and heating, better insulation, double glazing etc) to try and make it more energy efficient, so this was the next logical step. This beautiful German built 5kw system from Swan Energy should cover all our electricity needs (even in our house full of electronics gizmos) and hopefully allow us to credit some back to the power grid as well. The system was only installed yesterday afternoon and by late afternoon we had managed to credit 2kw back to the grid so we have made 96c so far! The true test will come in mid-summer and mid-winter when our electricity use peaks due to heating and cooling.

Now Junior wants to install solar on his cubby house as well so that may be the next science project for Aussie Dad!

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  1. How fab is that!? I'd love to have something like this, but our roof space is very limited (and our roof is old and will probably need replacing soon).