Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing with shaving foam

I have been meaning to try some shaving foam marbling with Rascal for months and last week I finally remembered to add it to my shopping list.
We grabbed a large baking tray and some food colour from the kitchen and an art smock from the art supplies cupboard and got playing.
Rascal quite enjoyed "drawing" with the shaving foam but once I added a few drops of food colour he loved getting his hands in and mixing the colours.
It kept him entertained for quite a while and then he enjoyed cleaning up with the hose afterwards - nothing like a bit a water play to keep a 2 year old happy. Best of all he smelt lovely all afternoon as well.
What messy play have you been enjoying with your kids this week? “Come over and play at the Childhood 101We Play link up”
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  1. Shaving cream is so much fun! I need to keep more on hand! We used an entire can when we played with it :)

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  2. Love your blog! How is motherhood going? I have my own blog on the gluten free!

  3. I always forget about shaving cream. I don't know why because they kids just love it! Thank you for sharing on It's Playtime and I've also featured you this week on my Do Something! post.

  4. I finally remembered to grab shaving cream at the store this last week to have around for kids play as well! I know my kids will have fun marbling colors, great idea. Visiting from Play Academy :)

  5. what an absolutely fantastic idea I've never heard or seen this!

  6. Oh, we love using shaving cream at sensory time. Sometimes I spend the extra for the women's "skintamates" shave gel, it comes in florals and fruit scents and makes the house smell great!