Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scratch foam prints

Now that Junior is at school full time we don't find so much time for arts and crafts but last weekend while his brothers napped we did a little print making. I have been collecting any Styrofoam trays that come our way (which has taken a while because we don't get them very often).
I trimmed the trays so they were nice and flat and then Junior scratched some pictures into the foam with a blunt pencil. We then rolled some paint onto the stencil using a sponge roller and printed away.
Being a typical boy he drew a robot, a rocket and a dinosaur.
What art projects have you been tackling this week. “Come over and play at the Childhood 101We Play link up”


  1. Hi

    I've also been exploring print making with scratchfoam as well and the children have been making some beautiful work as well. Your boys have managed to get some great definition with their prints.

    Unfortunately couldnt use it for this We Play link up as I had already posted it on my blog. So I did lemonade making instead (no.50)


  2. This is such a brilliant idea - and so cost effective!! I've used it before as an activity with preps - they loved it too!!