Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend grateful

This weekend I'm grateful for our local farmers market where Rascal and I bought some lovely seasonal fruit and veg this morning along with some beautiful flowers and pastries as a treat for us all.
I'm also very grateful to my darling husband who has taken Junior and Rascal to Beaty Park for a swim on this humid Saturday morning allowing me a few moments peace and quiet.
Why don't you link up with Maxabella and tell us what you are grateful for.


  1. Thank goodness for darling husbands! Mine is up in the pool with those wiggly Tsunamis of mine allowing me a few minutes of peace too. Sigh, lovely!! x

  2. Oh, nice gratefuls. Yes, I too would be grateful, not only for that pastry, but also some quiet time in which to truely appreciate it!!

  3. Ah! The treasures found at a Farmer's them..then peace and quiet and a good is wonder you're grateful!