Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Making

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine, who had managed to get her youngest child past the toddler years, decided that rather than making a new years resolution or list of resolutions she just made a pledge to make that year the "year of the body". Her aim was to loose some weight, gain some fitness and reclaim her body after a few years of pregnancy and breast feeding.
With a 5 month old and a two year old I think the "year of the body" is a little way off for me, but I do like the idea of having a theme or goal for the year. I have decided 2011 for me will be "the year of making".
I always have lots of craft or sewing ideas on my wish list but I very rarely get a chance to complete them. This year I hope to gain some motivation and actually get them done. I have already made one little bag, and last week I made this six pocket bag which was also very quick, simple and satisfying. Hopefully I will have another project to show you all soon. Fingers crossed.


  1. Beautiful bag(s)! Love the Year of Making! I'll be looking for inspiration here. Your productivity thus far is astounding. When are you doing this?! Love the fabrics for the six-pocket bag. It looks fantastic!

  2. Yes it is amazing that I have managed to get two projects done. They were both super quick and easy but still took me a couple of days doing bits here and there (during the evening or nap times). The fabric is Amy Butler grabbed from the "Calico and Ivy" sales bin last year. It has been sitting on my desk waiting to be made for many months!

  3. Thats a great idea, I absolutely love those fabrics! You have inspired me to have a go at making a bag like that :)