Saturday, November 20, 2010

On-the-go Nappy Bags

Earlier this week the boys and I went to Spotlight looking for some curtain fabric (yes I know I'm insane taking three young boys shopping but as a mum I sometimes have to do these things). Anyway, with two of my nieces expecting babies next week, I couldn't resist buying a little of this cute fabric to make some "On-the-go Nappy Bags".
I saw these at Lovely Designs recently so when I saw the fabric I knew what I would make with it. I had planned to start making my Christmas bags this week but they have been put on hold for a week or two.
I used Sharilyn's tutorial but made the bags slightly bigger and filled them with a washable changenmat, wipes, nappies and a little one piece suit.
Junior helped me with threading the ribbon for the bag ties so of course he wants a little bag of his own too - might be good for filling with pencils, note books and stickers to keep him entertained when we are out and about.


  1. You are GOOD. How do you manage to do these things?! I am very impressed! That fabric is adorable. Those new mummies are going to be very happy with these fantastic gifts!