Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fish and Chips at the Beach

Well it is the end of yet another weekend, and despite both bub and I having a cold (don't even mention Swine Flue) which has resulted in much night waking on his part and very little sleep for both of us, I can still say it have been a very pleasant couple of days. It is officially winter here but you wouldn't have thought so during the past two days - cool at night but lovely sunny days. So much so that on Saturday evening I was relieved of my usual cooking duties and we rugged up and headed down to the beach for fish and chips in the playground and to watch the sunset.

Today hubby took Junior on the train to Fremantle (anything to do with trains is a hit with Junior at the moment) where they spent a nice morning before Bub and I caught up with them for lunch. Again some winter sunshine and the chance to get out of cooking duties was a real plus for me. Just a shame the weekend has to come to and end and it is back to the usual weekly madness again tomorrow. sigh!

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