Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's for breakfast?

Kids eating habits seems to be something that most mums stress over at some point. I try not to worry about my boys eating habits too much because they both seem to eat very little some days and then more than make up for it on others. However, it can be very frustrating when I have made an effort to serve up something that I think they will love and they won't even touch it! However every now and then they really surprise me. A week or so ago I made my first green smoothie. I have been meaning to try one for ages but didn't really think the boys would like it. Junior wasn't that keen but to my surprise Rascal loved it.
The next day I read another blog post (sorry can't find it now) which reminded me that perhaps I should be making a little more effort to get Rascal to eat breakfast. He still demands a big drink of milk first thing in the morning and then is far to busy to eat anything for breakfast. However, as soon as we step out the door (and he has to sit still in the pram or the car seat) he wants a snack. I always have fruit and crackers at the ready but I though perhaps I should try making some sort of smoothie for him to drink in the mornings. Last week I tried it (just some milk, yoghurt, banana or pear and a spoon full of Sustagen powder) and it seemed to work. I need to build up my smoothie recipe collection to include a few more easy but nutritious breakfast options and perhaps find some more ideas for breakfast on the go. What is your favourite smoothie recipe for little ones? Do you have a perfect breakfast for little ones who are so busy they need breakfast on the move?


  1. Ellie used to be completely obsessed with banana and strawberry smoothies. In addition to the fruit, I usually used natural plain yogurt, a bit of wheat germ, some peanut butter for extra protein (almond meal, nut butter or tahini work too if your kids will go there), milk and a bit of orange juice. I've since learned that papaya has most of the same fabulous nutrients as green veggies (who knew?!), so I toss some of that in when I can. My solution is to puree a large papaya and freeze it in ice cube trays, the perfect size for tossing into smoothies for a nutritional boost (and the flavor is quite nice too!).

    What is Sustagen powder?

  2. Thanks for the tips - I will try the wheatgerm and almond meal (I have both these in the cupboard so I can try sneeking a little in to start with and see how it goes). Rascal isn't keen on nut butters so I might give that a miss for now but I will try the Papaya ice cube trick - he loves most fruits so I'n sure he will like it.

    Sustagen is a powdered drink supplement (usually added to milk but can be used in cooking as well) with added protein, vitamins and minerals. It comes in Vanilla or Chocolate flavours and I just buy it at the supermarket.