Monday, October 11, 2010


Last week a friend dropped in with a few art supplies for Junior. She had been preparing a papier-mache art project for her two girls and thought we might like some home made paste and balloons to make something for ourselves. This weekend Junior and I finally got around to trying it out.
I must admit that he started out enthusiastically but didn't last too long on the gluing and pasting part of the project so I added a few more layers to his balloon before we hung them up to dry overnight.
However, the next day he was adamant that he wanted to make himself a spider man mask, so with a little red paint and a black marker we had created one in no time.
I did plan to get some blue cellophane for the eyes but I need to wrestle it off him first.
Super heroes are all the go with my 4 year old at the moment! I think I will have to get out the sewing machine now it has been serviced and attempt this beautiful superman cape! What art activities have you been playing with this week? “Come over and play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up”


  1. We have a balloon covered in papier-mache on the top of some shelves, where it has sat for almost 12 months. This is what happens when Dadda is in charge of an activity LOL

    Sadly, we have not done very much crafting around here lately, which is very unusual for us ..

  2. Neat idea! I'm a bit off papier mache after making a pinata for my boy's birthday party, but I will file this one away for a rainy, superhero day!

  3. That is beyond fabulous, I am so going to pinch that idea... hope all is well xx

  4. Love your mask, and in my experience it is pretty typical for four year old boys to go through a superhero stage. Remind me to write the post about superhero play which I have been planning for about a year now...

  5. Super fun craft and such great results! :)