Monday, August 23, 2010

We play - cardboard boxes

The boys get lots of fun out of playing with the large cardboard boxes Aussie Dad sometimes brings home from work. They a great for making beds, cubbies and cars on rainy days but this week we decided to turn one into a peg dolls house.
We used two of the flaps to make levels in the house. Gave it a quit coat of paint and furnished it with some wooded dolls house furniture, some off cut blocks of wood, magazine pictures and scraps of fabric.
Simple to make and lots of fun it has kept Junior entertained quite a bit this week.
What have you been making this week? “Come over and play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up”


  1. What a great idea! I remember making a dolly bedroom from a shoebox when I was little but a whole house is even better :)

  2. You've really put my marble run to shame! That is a fantatstic job and I can believe Junior would love playing with it! :)

  3. I like it :) We still have moving boxes that the girls could use for a cardboard dolls house :)