Monday, August 16, 2010

Another lap quilt

With Puggle's arrival only a week or so away I have managed to finish Rascals lap quilt. It was a bit of a rush and I'm not quite sure about some of the fabric combinations but it is done now and I do love the cute little robots, cars and doggies on this one.
Aussie Dad - who has been very busy stripping and painting - has finally finished the renovations on the front bedrooms so this weekend the boys moved into there new bedroom - complete with a new bed for each of them. Perhaps not the best time to move them, just before the arrival of another sibbling, but sometimes renovations don't go quite to plan.
Junior has been wanting a bunk bed for so long and he has been very keen to share with his brother. Fingers crossed it all goes well and they manage to share their space without too many disputes (we will wait and see!).


  1. That's gorgeous, its all exciting news :)x

  2. Aside from the fact that you just WHIPPED MY BEHIND on our quilting challenge by finishing EARLY while I'm making teeny progress...YOUR QUILT LOOKS FANTASTIC! I know Rascal will love it when he's old enough to care. ;) I particularly like how well it coordinates with Junior's quilt, especially since they will share a room now. And although this is slightly off topic, I totally love the Puggle nickname! So cute! As long as he's not born with those prickles, you're in good shape. ;)