Sunday, June 6, 2010

Planning a few craft projects

Last week I read a great post at the Artful Parent about planning craft activities. Since we have all been suffering from an on-going winter lurgy I haven't had much motivation to get crafty with the boys. However her post inspired me to go through some books and other and writing downa few craft ideas I would like to try with the boys. I started by having a good look through MaryAnn Kohl's Preschool Art which I bought recently as a birthday present for myself. There are so many great and simple ideas in there - I already have a long list of crafts "to do".
We started out with tissue paper sun-catchers which were very quick and simple. We used crape paper as we didn't have tissue paper and just got ripping! Lots of fun.
If I was more organised I could have cut out shapes or used other materials as well but this was a quick off-the-cuff craft which didn't really require any planning - other than digging out some clear contact and coloured paper.
There are now lots of ideas on my list for when we all get over out cold and get our energy back!


  1. Oh, how lovely! I was just thinking... perhaps you will consider changing from describing your child's work as "crafts" and begin to say "art" instead, because it is true art. I would love to see more children use the word art when talking about their creations, especially when they are so free and open as your child's work is. Thank you for sharing the photographs. Wonderful!!
    From art author, MaryAnn Kohl
    PS I have a new blog... I hope you will visit soon.

  2. I have that book too. Usually I do go through for inspiration at the beginning of summer vacation. I love a craft/art that takes very little planning ahead.

  3. How funny, today I made sun catchers for the kids. We used a cardboard frame and some kitchen roll with tissue paper as the colours. I'll be off to get that book now... :)