Friday, June 11, 2010

Nature Walk Collage

We spend a lot of time at our local park, playing on the play equipment, digging in the sand, rolling on the grass, or exploring the trees and gardens.
We invariably spend a bit of time playing "hide-and-seek" and climbing trees, and we usually bring home a few treasures and a lot of sand in the bottom of the pram. Junior has been enjoying a few collage projects lately so yesterday I drew a tree for him and asked him to add some of the things we see when we go to the park.
I had a few pre-cut insect shapes and helped him to cut out some leaf shapes - then he got sticking and drawing.
He added ants, butterflies and lady bugs crawling on the trunk of the tree, leaves in the tree and falling on the ground (I got told I should have provided some yellow, orange and red leaves as we have quick a few deciduous trees in autumn colours at the moment), flowers in the garden, a nest and bird in the tree and the sun shining in the sky. He also drew three little figures (Junior, Bub and I) playing on the grass.
This little project kept him entertained for quite a while and gave us a chance to talk about all sorts of creatures that use our park.

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