Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little present

For Christmas I bought myself a copy of Amanda Soule's Handmade Home and for sometime I have been promising to make Junior a treasure bag for collecting shells and other treasures at the beach. When I asked him what we should make for a friends 2nd Birthday he immediately said "a treasure bag" so that has been our little project this week. I think his motivation was that if I made one as a present then I would finally get around to making him one as well - so that is what we did.Junior helped with stamping a little fabric label for the bag and then I spent an evening whipping up a little mesh bag out of tulle with some bias binding around the top and some cute belting for straps. Very simple and a very cute wrapper for a copy of the Magic Beach by Alison Lester - one of our favourite books! Of course every little princess needs a birthday crown so we made one of those too. Hope she likes it!


  1. OMG, your swing skills amaze me. What a brilliant idea with the stamps, where can I get some?

  2. Not much sewing involved in this one - not like your gorgeous little girls dresses! The stamps and fabric paint came from a craft shop "spotlight" so they weren't very expensive, but any shop selling craft or scrapbooking supplies would probably have similar stamp sets.