Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bub's got spots

Lots and lots of spots! I'm not sure if it is a reaction to the vaccinations he had last Thursday or Chicken Pox but we have been staying at home just in case - not Bub's idea of a good time as he is a real outdoors boy.
With the temperature getting over 40 degrees C this weekend we are all going a little stir crazy but Junior (who is blissfully spot free) took a trip to Beatty Park Aquatic Centre this morning to burn up some excess energy and get some much needed one-on-one Daddy time.
Hopefully a trip to the GP in the morning will give us a better idea of what Bub has, how contagious it is, and how long we will be stuck at home. In the mean time we are singing, dancing, making all sorts of things from cardboard boxes and hoping clear skin is on the horizon soon. Fingers crossed.

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