Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A lot can happen in a year

You have been with us for a whole year now and boy have you changed and grown;
  • You have learnt how to wriggle, roll and grab all sorts of things,
  • You love to eat (including lots of sand),
  • you have learnt how to sleep (well sometimes anyway),
  • You have grown 7 teeth,
  • You have learnt how to crawl, cruise and walk,
  • You love to climb (boy can you climb),
  • You follow your brother almost anywhere,
  • You have bumped your lip, and knees and head,
  • You love to clap and dance to music,
  • You have found your voice and chatter away ... I'm sure your "ack" is Jack and "muhm muhm" is Mum
You have melted our hearts and bought us such love and joy.
We love you little man xxxx

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