Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peg dolls

This morning Junior and I made some peg dolls while Bub took his morning nap. I think I was being a little ambitious because they were a bit fiddly for little hands and Junior just gave me instructions on what he wanted and I had to do most of the cutting although he did enjoy the gluing bits. I think next time I will have the clothes pre-cut and just let him "dress them" as he pleases.
I was thinking of making our family but Junior's requests were for A) an astronaut! and then B) a pirate. I passed on the astronaut and made a poor attempt at a pirate but Junior did enjoy trimming the girl's hair.
Once they were finished he whisked them away to a treasure bag in the cubbie (a sure sign that he thinks they are special).


  1. I would love to know where you found the little dolly pegs, I haven't seen them in the shops for ages?

  2. I remember making these with my mum as a child and I have been looking for wooden pegs for a while. I found some at the Educational Art Supplies shop in Nedlands.

  3. Wow, they're neat! Can I have the recipe?