Sunday, November 15, 2009

Off and racing

For weeks now Bub has been practicing his climbing and standing with a little bit of cruising thrown in for good measure. Then in the last week or so he has really taken to cruising around the house with the block trolley for support. He can actually go quite fast like this (which he loves) but he gets very frustrated when the trolley gets jammed in a corner or up against the sofa. He is getting a little better at steering the trolley (or highchair or kids table or anything else he chooses to push about the place) but now he has decided he doesn't need any of that.
Bub has started taking his first few steps (just shy of 11 months). He can only manage about 4 or 5 before plonking down on the floor but his philosophy is "practice practice every waking moment" so I'm getting a little worried he will be running around in no time.
Junior didn't walk until just over 13 months and was a little more cautious about it all. I'm a bit concerned about how many accidents Bub might have over the coming months but he doesn't seem to be concerned at all - just very happy with himself.

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  1. Oh wow! Congrats to bub, look out mummy nothing is