Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Holiday Fun

Our two weeks away in Exmouth were a well needed break for us all. We stayed in a Chalet at the Lighthouse Caravan Park, just out of town near Vlaming Head.
The accommodation was functional and low stress with a covered veranda with BBQ and a fabulous enclosed deck were we could enjoy the view without worrying where Bub would get to.
It was great for watching the humpback whales during the day, enjoying a BBQ in the evening and sitting back to view a few stars at night.Despite a few windy days we managed some beach time nearly every day and on those days we missed the beach we tried out the pool instead.
Juniors swimming is coming long nicely...
... and Bub enjoyed his first dip in the ocean, ....
... ate lots of beach sand ...
... and then napped under the beach shade to recover.
Hubby fitted in a spot of fishing and a short snorkel - Junior is not quite up to that yet but give him a year or two and hubby will have a new snorkel partner.
We also had a couple of "expeditions", did a bit of holiday science and enjoyed lots of playtime with Juniors' cousins who were staying next door but that is another blog or two.

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